Katherine Erickson


I'm Kate, a recent college grad gearing up for a move across the pond for a Masters in British Military History at Oxford University starting in Fall 2013. I'm currently trying to raise enough money to cover my living expenses and school book fees for the 2013-14 academic year. If you would like to help me on my journey by buying one of my prints, you'd make my day (heck, you'd probably make my week).


$45 - any image in this portfolio of your choosing (simply indicate the title in your order email), printed by the artist to 10"x10" on high quality inkjet paper

$55 - any image in this portfolio of your choosing, hand printed by the artist using traditional darkroom techniques to an 8"x8" silver gelatin print

All purchases include shipping and a hand written thank you note.

To order:

Check out the "Work" tab at the top of this page to look at my current portfolio, then just email me at with your order preference (inkjet or silver gelatin print and image choice) and shipping information, and I will create an invoice through Paypal that will allow you to pay through secure digital means.

Thank you!

About the artist:

Kate Erickson is a native New Englander, fresh off several years of voluntary exile in South Carolina, California, and most points in between. Her artistic interests focus primarily on the role of individual narrative and memory in the American landscape. She is a graduate of Stanford University and the 2012 winner of that institution's Leo Holub Award for Excellence in Photography.

'Over the Hills and Far Away' is the result of a 14-month period where the artist traveled to 42 states and traversed the country both horizontally and vertically. Twice.